Easy Gif Making in Photoshop

Easy Gif Making In Photoshop


Now saving your gif is quiet simple, it's just a matter of finding the right settings

First off you are going to go to FILE > EXPORT > SAVE FOR WEB

a window will pop up with a whole lot of information on it

the two most important things here are that you have changed your optimized file format to GIF and the loop option to Forever

Other than that understanding what's going on here isn't that important so just follow the settings that I have and you'll be good


if you find that you gif is huge (the size you can find in the bottom left corner of the saving window)

you can close out of the window and decrease the length of your gif

so close out of your window and back to the main work area

So down at your timeline, above your frames there's a little slider

there you're going to click on either the front end or back end tabs of the slider to shorten the length of your gif, depending if you want to cut frames off at the end or the beginning

this will decrease the size of your gif and make it smaller so it's post-able on sites such as tumblr

I personally like to keep my gifs under 2,000 m just so it doesn't lag on my machine or take up ridiculous amounts of space

In the end

after shortening your gif or not all depending of course. Go back to the export window

make sure everything looks right and hit save

save it to your hard drive, give it a cool name and you are good to go!

you have officially done every step in making a wicked cool gif! Good Job!

Here's my final product