Easy Gif Making in Photoshop

Easy Gif Making In Photoshop


Now that you have a good starting point for your gif it's time to actually begin the process of

manipulating your frames into the correct portion for your gif

Changing the duration of the gif

Start off by clicking on the three lines on the right hand side of the timeline

Move the mouse to SELECT ALL FRAMES and click

This will select all your frames so you can change the duration time of each frame.

Aka how long you want each frame to stay on screen for.

Click on any of the timestamps that are on the actual frames

0.12 of a second is my usual go to for how long I want a gif. To do this click on OTHER and type in your amount

Changing The Size

So your machine doesn't lag or over work it's self we are going to decrease the physical size of the gif

Click on IMAGE at the top of your screen

Mouse down to IMAGE SIZE and click

a window will pop up with the size of your image

the now the important things are the CHAIN LINK looking icon and the pop down menu where it says PIXELS

in order for the image to size correctly aka not allow it to deform the image. You want to make sure the chain

link is highlighted like it is in the photo

As well as you want to make sure your image is set to PIXELs not anything else. If it is set to say 500 centimeters.

Click on the down arrow next to where it says the measuring unit and click to change it

I like to keep my images at a width of 500 pixels just cause I personally think that is a relatively good size for an image. So i'm going to set it by clicking the width number and typing in 500 and then we are good to go

Now I have a complete gif that I could post anywhere I would want.

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