Easy Gif Making In Photoshop

What We Do

Ever wondered how the little moving pictures on websites are created? Ever have something that made you want to make a clip into a quick little gif to show off? Well you’ve come to the right place! With easy gif making in Photoshop I'll get you on the right path to making your memories into moving pictures with a few clicks of a button.

Got Questions?

Easy Gif Making
E: easygifmakinghelp@gmail.com


Getting Started

This will teach you the basics of starting your gif making process. What specifications for video format, for optimizing your photoshops work space, and understanding the basics of what gif making is all about.


Making your Gif

This is where you will actually make your gif that will be able to be post-able on website such as tumblr.



Making your gif pretty is half the fun about gif making so why not discover some tips and tricks to creating the ultimate great looking gif.