Easy Gif Making in Photoshop

Easy Gif Making In Photoshop

Getting Started

What You'll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • A video clip converted into MP4 format
  • Basic understanding of how Photoshop Works
  • Patience!!!
  • Can do attitude
  • Step 1

    Load up photoshop so it looks like this

    Photoshop Layout

    I have Adobe cc so it will look different than if using a different cs version

    Step 2

    Click on FILE at the top left hand corner of your screen


    Step 3

    Manoeuvre your mouse down the FILE menu until you come across IMPORT.

    import video frames to layers

    Step 4

    Then mouse over to VIDEO FRAMES FROM LAYERS

    Video Frames

    Your file folder will pop up and that's where you select the video you want to turn into a gif.

    Step 5

    Once you have your video selected click on open

    A window like this will appear: Do not be afraid!

    video frames to layers

    The arrows on the side of the timeline look like this


    Use them to shrink the size of your gif, This allows you to pick the exact part of the video you want to be gif'd.

    then click on OK

    TIP: Photoshop will limit you to 500 frames so be careful with how big your arrows span

    Step 6

    Once you hit OK your screen will appear like such

    photoshop layout

    Before you get overwhelmed click on WINDOW at the top of your screen

    Mouse down on the menu to TIMELINE and click it

    Make sure it has a checkmark next to the word TIMELINE and the timeline actually shows up like in the photo above.

    Now you have a basic outline of a gif! You can toggle the PLAY button which is underneath the frames in order to stop or play your gif


    if you enable your timeline and it looks like this

    Don't be afraid. Just click on the three boxes in the left hand corner to toggle timeline to the timeframes

    Continue Learning in Making Your Gif