Easy Gif Making in Photoshop

Easy Gif Making In Photoshop


Loading an Action

We begin coloring our gifs by first and formost sharpening our gifs. This adds a layer of depth to the gif and can also make it alot clearer.

First, download this action. An action is a tool where photoshop essentially records what you do on your screen so you can repeat it to a completely different project without the hassle of actually having to do the whole process over again

First off loading your action, click on WINDOW at the top of your screen

next mouse down to ACTIONS and click

Loading Action

this panel will show up on the right hand side of your screen. Click the three lines that are on the panel

Mouse down to LOAD ACTIONS and find the action where ever you saved it on your hard drive

Now you've loaded your action


Now to actually use the action to sharpen the gif we begin by selecting all the frames again

then toggle the timeline to frameline button at the left bottom corner of your screen so it looks like so

Next select all the layers in your layers panel by holding shift and clicking the last layer and the top layer

Then right click and select CONVERT TO SMART OBJECT

Then you are going to click your smart object and play the action

A window will pop up, click STOP otherwise you'll re-sharpen the gif and it'll look over sharpened and really gross looking

And then we have a sharpened gif!


I'm going to go through the steps that I use when I make a gif. Just from experience and learning from PSD's (we'll get to those later)

** Also these definitions and explanation are completely my own as in that I made them up for best how they sound to me, just a warning if something does not make sense


Exposure is the brightness or darkness in which the camera captured the footage

Therefore using the exposure function on photoshop allows us to brighten or darken the overall image

So on the right hand side in your adjustments tabs look for this symbol

You can also mouse over each symbol and it will tell you what it is

Also if you can't see your adjustments use WINDOW > then ADJUSTMENTS to get your adjustments panel

this is the panel that will show up

and now just play! play, play, play. Make the gif really bright then really dark, make it easy on the eyes make it barely noticable.

The best way to learn is to figure it out for yourself. Get comfortable on your own and realize what is best for you

But if you are completely stuck always go back to the default menu. which is located on the top of each adjustment panel

These default panels hold some key values that will let you start in a good place. If you click 1.0 exposure that may be to bright

then you can use the arrow to scrub down in order to make it darker

for my gif I am going to add a 0.95 percent of a exposure brighten to my gif


Select this icon and it'll open the panel

Again the panel will look like so

Now again, just play around with the arrows find what's best for your gif. Make sure it isn't too bright or too dark

Personally what I like to do, and for the sake of the gif I have. I am making the brightness 57 and the contrast -50

Too which gets rid of the contrast completely and may look a little hazy. But that's okay in the next step you will see why I did this

Selective Color

Selective color is great! It's a very convient tool once you get the hang of it because it separates and allows you to build separate colors

First off select the icon

The panel will open and the first place we start is by clicking on the drop down menu where it defaults to RED

then we are going to select blacks

I am going to use the arrow under the BLACK: scrubbing line and bump it up to 30 just to add some darkness in the areas that need it

this function allows you to control your contrast and I find it's a lot more controlable than the actually contrast tab it's self.

Vibrance and Saturation

I always add a little vibrance and saturation to give my gifs some much needed color, or no color depending on what kind of mood I want to set

so again click the icon and the panel will appear

Now this is where again you have to play and find what fits best for the gif you are creating

For my gif I am going to add a vibrance of about 6 and a saturation of about 12. I like to keep them small numbers and numbers that are sort of close together in order to get some unity within the colors

And there we have it, a fully colored gif!

Continue learning in saving